Finnish publication metadata to OpenAIRE – national level integration to support interoperability and visibility

Finnish research organizations submit every year research metadata to national VIRTA-publication information service. So far this data has been utilized, for example, in the Vipunen reporting portal, in Juuli portal displaying information about individual research publications and as a part of Academy of Finland online portal service.

Since mid-2018, VIRTA-publication information service development has aimed for integration to the European OpenAIRE-portal. The OpenAIRE portal is part of the OpenAIRE projects supported by the European Commission. Behind them are several organizations around the EU-member states working with research infrastructures, and also some from outside EU as well. The goal of the collaboration between VIRTA-publication information service and OpenAIRE is to bring the Finnish research publications metadata to international information hub via centralized service. This will also substantially increase visibility for the publications. Furthermore, the availability of interoperable and up-to-date metadata on an international level can be ensured. The integration is expected to be ready in mid-2019. Read more from the OpenAIRE blog.

Joonas Nikkanen

Author is the project manager of the VIRTA-publication information service at CSC – IT Center for Science

Blog post “Providing Finnish national Publication Data to OpenAIRE – Case VIRTA” (published 23.4.2019) available at

Read more about VIRTA-publication information service here.

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